Gifted Services

  • The Poquoson City School system works to meet the special needs of all of its students.  To that end a program is provided for students who are identified as talented and gifted.  This program has many facets, and its structure varies among grade levels.
    Talented and Gifted Program (1-2):  Grade 1 identified TAG students attend an enriched writing block. Grade 2, identified TAG students are given an enriched reading curriculum.  Both language arts blocks have an emphasis on creative thinking and problem solving.

    Math Express (2-12):  This program offers a compacted and accelerated math       sequence to students who are identified as gifted in the specific subject area of mathematics.  Students who complete the sequence satisfactorily are enrolled in pre-algebra in grade 6 and typically take Algebra I in grade 7 and Geometry in grade 8.
    Talented and Gifted Program (3-12): In grades 3-5 identified TAG students are grouped together for instruction in at least one curriculum area (English/Reading).  The standard curriculum is compacted for these students, allowing time for enrichment and extension.  The emphasis is on creative thinking, problem solving, and increasing independent study in areas of interest. Students are engaged in many special projects that are curriculum-based.
    Grades 6-12 provide special classes in core subjects based on the identified strengths of the students.  Curriculum is more rigorous than the general curriculum and is compacted and/or enriched as appropriate. Seventh graders may also take advantage of the Johns Hopkins Talent Search.  High School credit classes in algebra, geometry, and foreign language are offered to qualified middle schoolers.
    Advanced classes are offered in all subjects at Poquoson High School, with Advanced Placement (AP) classes in English, American history, European history, psychology, government, journalism, calculus, statistics, French, Spanish, biology, chemistry, and physics. Students may also participate in the Virtual Virginia AP on-line offerings. Well-developed band, chorus, art, and drama programs provide opportunities for students with talents in those fields.  Poquoson participates in the New Horizons Governor’s School, which provides an advanced two-year program of work in engineering, biological science, or scientific programming, including research methodology and ethics as well as honors research and mentorship.
    In addition to these classes, there are many opportunities for students to engage in extra-curricular enrichment activities.  Poquoson regularly fields championship teams in debate, forensics, Model U.N., and academic challenge matches and participates in Odyssey of the Mind, a creative problem-solving competition.
    This wide variety of offerings provides basic instruction as well as enrichment and extension for our many talented and gifted youngsters.
    Talented and Gifted identification is based on many factors, including ability and academic testing, teacher evaluation, school performance, parent evaluation, and any other factors deemed appropriate.  Referral for evaluation usually comes from teachers, but may be initiated by parents or students

    PCPS Gifted Plan 2020-2025