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  • Modernization Project Update

    August 25, 2020

    Architecture Plans for the new Poquoson Middle School are nearly complete at 85%.  Requests for bid for constructionis expected to go out within the coming months.  Check out this video for the latest updates on the Poquoson Middle School Modernization project.



  • Project Budget & Timeline Update

    (February 19, 2020)

    As with most renovation projects, unexpected issues arise that require adjustments to timelines and budgets. This is the case with the Poquoson Middle School Modernization Project, but we’re determined to do the project right for future PMS students and staff.

    Due to challenges uncovered during the design phase of the project, the design plan and timeline must be adjusted, and additional funds have been allocated toward the project’s completion. The school will now be ready for occupancy in January 2023 instead of the planned re-occupancy in summer 2022, and the project’s total budget is now $19.45 million.

    The design team and architectural firm have been diligent in their work to identify costs upfront to meet educational needs and stay within available funding for the project. The identification of structural issues that affect the project’s planned design and the reallocation of funds within the project plan to meet design specifications are two of the major challenges that have affected timelines and budgets.

    To provide students and staff with continuity, the relocation plan timeline will not be altered, even with the construction delay. Trailers began arriving on the grounds of Poquoson Elementary and Poquoson High schools in January, and set-up will continue for the next several months. Additional details about the logistics of the relocation plan will be provided in the near future.

    Please see the budget page for updates on funds allocated toward the project and the timeline page for the project’s revised schedule of milestones.

    Please do not hesitate to share your questions or concerns through Let’s Talk.

  • Portable Classrooms for Relocation

    Beginning in mid-January, trailers started arriving on the grounds of Poquoson Elementary School and Poquoson High School. These portable classrooms will house Poquoson Middle School students once construction begins.

    For more information about the plan for students during construction, take a look at details in the below presentation!

    Plan for Students During Construction

    Have a question about this or any other element of the project? Submit your question to Let's Talk!

  • Built in 1932, Poquoson Middle School has undergone 11 construction projects, including an addition in 1994. This fall, Poquoson City Public Schools will take the first step on a $19.45 million, multi-year modernization project for the school by requesting proposals for the services of an architectural and design firm.

    Throughout the entire project, this site will serve as the hub for information about each phase, from start to finish. We encourage you to visit often, and follow us on Twitter for regular updates, photos and videos.


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