• The curriculum and instruction department provides leadership, support, direction, and resources in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment to develop and sustain learning which prepares students for college or career and helps them become productive, global citizens.

    At the primary and elementary level, a strong basic education in the core areas of English, mathematics, science, and history/social sciences, is emphasized.  Technology is incorporated in all areas of curriculum, and students are exposed to music, art, and physical education. In grades 3-5, students also receive an introduction to the Spanish language and culture.

    Our middle school course offerings are in English, mathematics, science, history/social sciences, fine arts, career & technical education, world languages, and health & physical education. Students can begin taking a world language in sixth grade and our middle school offers both Algebra I and Geometry to students. Students are also provided with the opportunity to explore a variety of elective options.

    The high school curriculum offerings include English, mathematics, science, history/social sciences, fine arts, career & technical education, world languages, health & physical education, and driver education.  In addition to the core curriculum in these areas, students may select honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses in science, math, English, history/social sciences, and foreign languages, as well as take courses at the Governor’s School for Science and Technology or the New Horizons Regional Educational Center. High school students can also select to have internship experiences or earn a variety of industry certifications through various classes and programs.

    Poquoson City Public Schools also offers a variety of additional programs for student such as Special Education, Talented and Gifted, Title I, Adult Education, English Language acquisition, International Programs, online or virtual learning, and Summer School.


  • Antonia Fox, Ed.D

    Assistant Superintendent for Instruction & Support Services




    Ashley Reyher

    Director of Student Services




    Brandon Ratliff, Ed.D.

    Director of Student Achievement, Accountability and Technology